Po' Brothers LLC

Southwest Packages

One Entree + Two Sides: $16.00 per person

Two Entrees + Two Sides: $18.00 per person

Two Entrees + Three Sides: $20.00 per person

Southwest Entrees

Carne Asada


Shredded Chicken



– additional $2.00 per person

Chicken Fajitas

Beef Fajitas

Vegetable Fajitas

Chile Relleno

Beef Enchilada

Chicken Enchilada

Cheese Enchilada

Vegetable Enchilada

Chile Verde

Al Pastor


Garlic and Butter Dipped French Bread

Focaccia Bread

White Dinner Roll with Butter

Wheat Dinner Roll with Butter

Sourdough Dinner Roll with Butter

Assorted Dinner Rolls with Butter

Corn and/or Flour Tortillas